Ramen Noodles are overrated!!!

March 28th, 2012

The “Im a broke college food” has always been ramen noodles!!!

This save also can be used to resist an attack that defies any other classification. For a little, he had been allowed to forget, but only for a little and now They had all lost so much... so much.

As the silence grew longer I wondered if Verity himself knew why.
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  • The only thing cheaper than this, and better for you, is rice!!!

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    To determine the value of a protection ring, use the following table: D100 Roll 01-70 71-82 83 84-90 91 Level of Protection +1 +2 +2, 5-foot radius protection +3 +3, 5-foot radius protection 92-97 98-00 +4 on AC, +2 to saving throws +6 on AC, +1 to saving throws The radius bonus of 5 feet extends to all creatures within its circle, but applies only to their saving throws (i.e., only the ring wearer gains Armor Class additions).

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  • Now several arrows shattered into the ground nearby, some glancing away before them. The tableau is done with such conviction that it is easy to overlook the consideration that virtually everything above the footprints is imaginary.

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    You will slow down, that's the nature of the beast. He could hear the intensity of the storm grow and he knew that Eli was right.

    You can get a rice cooker at Walmart for 14$ and a 5 pound bag of rice for 4$!!

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    Buy a couple of seasonings made for meats and such and you have a custom tailored snack that is not only cheaper, but healthier!!!

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    Just like the ragheads to put it all arse-end first, isn't it?

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